Wembley 85 Does The Walk

Dire Straits

Date of recording : 10 / Juin / 1985
Format : 1DVD
Source : Soundboard (Better Quality)
Place Of Recording : Wembley Arena, London, UK

Wembley 85 Does The Walk

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This bootleg containing the famous concert from Wembley 1985. Great show of the Brothers in arms tour, containing powerful versions.
It’s great to see the two guestplayers Nils Lofgren and Hank B. Marvin. Picture and sound quality are both very good. The picture is taken from probably one of the best preserved VHS tapes available and the sound is taken from the best sounding audio soundboard bootleg (Perfect Investigations), except for the songs Tunnel of love and Solid rock but which still have good sound.
For a long time, there was no soundboard recording known of the song Going home. Until a rare radio show (Superstar Concert Series 98-26) turned up with a perfect soundboard version of this song. So, on this DVD, also the sound of Going home is as perfect as the rest.

And… as a special bonus, the very rare version of Expresso love from this concert is also featured on this DVD! Picture and sound quality are less good than the rest of the recording, but still very nice to see this rare recording which makes this DVD a unique item!

So far away
Sultans of swing
Why worry
Money for nothing
Private investigations
Walk of life
Tunnel of love
Solid rock (guest player Nils Lofgren)
Brothers in arms
The man’s too strong
Introduction Hank B. Marvin
Going home (guest player Hank B. Marvin)

Expresso love